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3 Simple Ways to Do Blackhead Clearing At Home

A blackhead is a small spot on the face commonly called pores. They are pimples without the skin cover on them. The oil and dirt oxidizes and turns black because there is no skin cover. Most of the blackheads are not visible unless you press closer to your mirror. This means that a person standing […]

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What is Micro Plant Powder?

Have you heard of Micro Plant Powder? Many people haven’t. This may be one of the more interesting supplements on the market right now. Further down, I will discuss the boring background info on how Micro Plant Powder is produced but first, some info about why I am interested in it and why you might […]

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6 Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Ouch! That hurts! Sensitive teeth are a terrible nuisance! You can’t concentrate when you’ve got sensitive teeth because each breath brings with it a bunch of pain. Even touching your teeth with your tongue can be painful and I’ve found it’s especially bad during a sudden climate change – my teeth go nuts! And so […]

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How Can I Get Rid of Ugly Hand Wrinkles?

There are people who experience having ugly hand wrinkles even when they have not hit their 40s yet or when the rest of their skin is still relatively young-looking. What gives? It should not come as a surprise when you start to see wrinkles on your hand. This is actually the most abused part of […]

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