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10 Hidden Acne Triggers

Have you ever pigged out on sugar candies broke out the next day? A sugar overdose was obviously to blame. There are other acne triggers that aren’t so obvious, either because they are weaker or so commonly used that we don’t notice them anymore.

Some other acne triggers are hidden away in our environment and can cause some people to break out more than they should. One of the most surprising acne triggers that have been discovered is mouth wash. Using mouthwash daily promoted acne breakouts all around the mouth, something that is very common among acne sufferers.

Another hidden acne trigger was the use of some toothpastes. Similarly, the same chemicals contained in the mouthwash was also found in some toothpastes and have produce acne in some.

Another overlooked acne trigger is gum which contains aspartame. Aspartame is a sweetener found in nearly all gums available on the market today and acts as a poison when given to rats. This can cause acne in many.

Finally, dust can cause acne in acne sufferers. Having an excessive amount of dust in a room will lower your immune system and consequently, can trigger acne breakouts. Not to mention, dust is primarily composed of dead skin cells. A simple cleaning of your room will often produce healthy results a few days later.

Although some of these may not apply to you, there can be more hidden triggers in your environment which are specific to only you. Finding them and managing the acne triggers is one of the key things that you can do when dealing with acne.

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