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3 Insane Mistakes Acne Sufferers Make That Cause Severe Acne Breakouts

How badly do you want to cure your acne? Do you stand in front of the mirror studying your face, just wishing that your acne would vanish sometime soon? I know exactly how you feel as I suffered with acne for five and a half years. I have 3 mistakes to share with you that you need to begin avoiding now. Avoid them and begin to implement the solutions into your life if you want less frequent acne breakouts.

Mistake #1 – Consuming too many omega 6 fatty acids and not enough omega 3 fatty acids. The ideal ratio is 1:1, but the average American has a ratio of 20:1 in favor of omega 6s. Some nutritionists say a ratio of 4:1 is ideal. Omega 3s are known to fight off free radicals which will lead to fewer breakouts.

Solution #1 – Eat more omega 3s and less omega 6s. Do this by consuming more fatty fish, by taking a fish oil or krill oil supplement, eating more walnuts, hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, and other similar foods that have a good dose of omega 3 fatty acids. Consuming grass finished beef and other meats with more omega 3s will help too.

Mistake #2 – Not eating any raw food. Most of us cook all our meals. This destroys the enzymes present in food, making it harder to digest, and it adds carcinogens to meat. It is important to feed your skin nutrition but when you cook food the nutrition is lost.

Solution #2 – Steam your vegetables. Eat a ginormous salad for lunch with lots of color vegetables. Drink a green smoothie for breakfast. Cook more of your own food instead of buying prepackaged food that is often cooked too much.

Mistake #3 – Avoiding sunlight. Do you avoid the sun and/or protect your skin from the sun with sunblock lotion? Doing this is a deadly mistake. Vitamin D3 is the most important vitamin that our body needs. The best source is the sun. Your skin loves the sunlight and will thrive with more of it.

Solution #3 – Get outside more. Do not burn yourself but make sure you are getting sunlight every day if possible. For those of you who live in climates where its cold in the winter months, take a Vitamin D3 supplement. I live in Michigan and thus do this myself.

Avoid these 3 mistakes and you will be headed down the correct pathway to clear skin. But, doing just these 3 things will not necessarily cure your acne although they will certainly help a lot.

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