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5 Things You Need To Know On What Causes Acne

As a lot of you with cystic acne probably recognize by now, there is a load of information on the Internet describing in detail on what causes acne. Due to my own personal experience with cystic acne, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life trying to understand what causes acne and then, trying to find cystic acne treatments or acne products which can help get rid of it.

The large amount of information available may be inconsistent with one another or totally mind-boggling or the scientific phrases used can be a little challenging. So for the purposes of this post, I’ll keep things straightforward here.

What Is Acne?

Acne is in essence, excess skin cells and oil (called sebum) that block your skin’s pores. Certain bacteria which happens to be on the skin then moves in, taking in the sebum which allows the bacteria to increase in numbers. Like all bacteria that assaults or aggravates our body, a defensive response is triggered by the human body in an effort to fight off the bacteria and this causes swelling and consequently, acne.

What Causes Acne?

The causes of this additional sebum can be mixed but commonly, they can be external and internal factors. The 5 main causes are:

1. Skin irritation – outside forces on the skin such as friction from garments; intense cold and hot temperatures; make-up – all can bother the skin which in turn helps produce too much sebum. Many acne sufferers have sensitive skin that can be easily irritated and worse, scar.

2. Hormonal – changes in the body for example, puberty can enhance hormones called androgens. These encourage the oil glands within the hair roots to produce additional sebum.

3. Psychological – people have found a strong relationship between acne and stress. Although scientists don’t know how this exactly occurs, they believe it makes the cells that produce sebum “unregulated”.

4. Genetics – Acne is hereditary so consequently if your mother and father was prone to breaking out, more than likely you will definitely get it.

5. Diet – Studies have shown that foods having a significant “glycemic load” – for instance rice or bread – can exacerbate acne. The thought is that significant glycemic food will increase the quantities of insulin (a hormone) in the body which then produces a large amount of sebum.

Hopefully this info has given you a greater understanding of exactly how cystic acne is created as well as the 5 main causes. Remember that the specific root cause of acne can differ individually, so this means the appropriate cystic acne treatment will vary too.

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