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Acne and Diet – Does What You Eat Really Affect Your Acne?

If you have acne, you have probably been told by many people that what you eat will cause, or perhaps cure, your acne problems. Many foods have been reputed to be culprits in either causing or worsening acne.

But is this really true?

This is one of the great debates of the centuries. Many people claim that there is a clear relationship between what a person eats and acne. Others attest that no such relationship exists. Who is correct? Will eating that chocolate bar cause acne to appear? Do greasy French fries cause skin blemishes?

The Truth about Diet and Acne

To date, there are no scientific studies which prove that what you consume in your daily diet causes acne blemishes to develop. Science has proven that eating pizza frequently does not result in acne. Those greasy French fries do not cause acne because the grease exits the body through the digestive system rather than the skin. Of course, those high fat foods can cause an expanding waist line!

What does cause acne is natural oil produced by sebaceous glands in the skin. This oil has nothing in common with the kind of oil in which food is prepared. The acne blemishes appear when sebaceous oil becomes clogged in the gland.

So, why has this myth been propagated for centuries?

It seems that many people simply choose to believe the myth. If you notice acne outbreaks worsen after eating certain foods, you may come to believe there is a relationship. If that is the case, you can certainly steer clear of foods that seem to impact your acne outbreaks. As long as you eat an overall balanced diet, however, acne will not be worsened by what you eat.

What Should You Consume When Dealing With Acne?

The best way to ensure your body and your skin is properly prepared to experience as little acne as possible, then you need to eat a well-balanced diet. Three meals each day with only healthy snacks in between is best for anyone, whether they are battling acne or not. Getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, fiber, protein, and carbohydrates every day is important to healthy, radiant skin and a healthy body.

One thing that you can consume each day that will improve your acne in almost every case is water. Few people drink enough water; eight glasses each day, each eight ounces or more in size, is the minimum recommended. This life-sustaining liquid helps the body clear out toxins and helps the skin function as its peak. As a result, fewer acne blemishes may appear.

Your diet should be properly balanced, not to prevent acne, but to prevent heart disease, to develop strong bones and muscles, and provide energy for your busy lifestyle. A balanced diet of the recommended number of calories for your height, structure and lifestyle will also help you maintain a proper, healthy body weight and fat percentage.

When a person eats the proper nutritional diet, the body performs much better. The body feels better and when a person feels good they tend to take better care of themselves. This causes the person to look great. The skin will enjoy the benefits of proper diet, but so will the entire body!

In a balanced diet, a person should obtain all the nutrients to provide their skin with the ability to function normally. However, at different stages of life, acne outbreaks can be part of what is normal for that person. Good skin care must be followed, not just through diet but also through proper cleaning and acne treatments if needed.

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