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Acne and Menstruation – Stop Acne During Your Period

For girls, having “your time of the month” is never that easy, right? Because of hormonal changes (which are normal), you experience a myriad of symptoms – from mood swings, hot flushes, stomach cramps, and even the dreaded acne breakouts. Sometimes, it gets even more embarrassing when pimple eruptions become a red flag that automatically warns everyone around you that your period is coming!

But not to worry girls, every problem has its solution. Here are a few effortless tips that you can do to reduce the chances of having acne breakouts during that sensitive time of the month for you!

1.    Start eating healthy. This does not go only for times when you have your menstrual period but should become part of your lifestyle. Everybody knows that a well-balanced diet shows in your appearance, particularly your skin. So the best way to keep a great, pimple free skin is to eat healthy foods. It doesn’t get as simple as that!

2.    Stay away from stress. Unlike the normal acne breakouts, pimples erupt during these times due to the hormonal imbalance that goes with your menstrual period. A particular hormone, androgen is released in higher amounts which in turn triggers more oil secretions in your skin. So it would be safe to say that controlling your stress levels can prevent the further release of androgen and therefore decrease the chances of having acne eruptions.

3.    Hydrate yourself as often as you can. Water flushes toxins from your skin through sweat and will help in keeping it moisturized and protected.

4.    Wash your face twice a day. This goes for people with normal skin. For those with normally oily skin, it is recommended that you wash more often. As mentioned before, your face gets extra oily during menstruation so you should keep oil secretions at bay by regularly washing you face with a gentle facial wash.

5.    Stay away from food that you may be allergic to. Foods that trigger allergies may aggravate pimple eruptions even more.

6.     And lastly, be careful in what you apply on your face. Pick makeups and creams that are hypoallergenic and are fit for your skin type to avoid skin irritations that could lead to acne eruptions.

There you have. Simple steps you can take to avoid acne eruptions during that sensitive time of the month.

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