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Acne Cure – How to Cure Acne Naturally

Many types of acne cures are available on the market but often people assume that applying some over the counter cream will cure acne permanently. Though it is true that minor acne heals itself but if it is persistent we must try to know how to cure acne effectively so that it does not occur again.
There are scientific theories behind the outbreak of acne like hormonal imbalance and over production of oil by the sebaceous glands. However the importance of diet cannot be underestimated as far as any disease is concerned. The same is true for acne as well. Excess consumption of junk food especially during teenage is a major factor that decides the severity of acne. In such a situation we must change our eating habits before applying any topical cream to cure acne.
If your body is full of toxins and deficient on nutrition, your skin will also not get the nutrition it requires. The huge build up of toxins show up in the form of Acne. It is therefore highly recommended to start the treatment from inside.Just get rid of excess toxins with the help of some cleanser and take some multi vitamin. You can also try eating vitamin A rich foods like carrots. However during pregnancy or breast feeding expert advice must be sought before eating any multivitamin.
The most important and perhaps the easiest way to keep your body toxin free are to drink as much water as possible. Not only does it help in flushing the toxins out of your body but also keeps other functions of your body in perfect condition.

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