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Acne Cure – How To Get Rid Of Acne Forever


Every acne cure I have seen will never compare to what I am about to share with you right now. The problems people are having to control their pimples from occurring or spreading is never knowing which sources to attack first. There are so many paid advertise programs on television and a whole lot of acne cleanser products out there that helps you cure your acne problem. The only difference is that the only way the products they sell or the paid programs that people around the world are promoting will work for you is if you keep buying the products they sell. After buying what you thought would solve your problem only puts you right back to where you started and never curing what you were trying to stop in the first place. I have learned that it is not only the outside of your body that needs attention but even the inner parts of your body needs just as much attention as the outer parts of your body. I will explain a little more about it in my little story that I am about to share with you right now.

My story:

We all like to eat any thing that comes our way especially if it happens to be one our many favorite dishes or snacks. I myself really love to eat any thing deep fried or cooked in oil. Even eating at foods my skin would always show signs of acne the very next day. Before knowing what I know now I use to think that maybe this was just one of those phases that we all must face and accept. The only difference with the phases I was going through in my life was that I could never get it to stop. As time went by i started to realize that my problem was only getting a lot worse and I still did not know how my zits got there in the first place. Then one week went by and all of my questions that I kept asking myself was still left unanswered. I was really hoping that one day i would be able to find the answers to all my questions and cure my acne problem once and for all. Little did I know I would soon discover something that changed my life forever.

A common cold is one of the worse feelings that you could ever wish upon yourself but as for me it opened my eyes and gave me answers to all my acne problem questions. As my sickness got stronger and stronger this is what happened to me and this is what my common cold showed me. I started to get every symptom you could ever think of that a normal common cold could ever give you. The one true symptom that really caught my attention was where I could not eat anything else but a nice hot bowl of chicken noodle soup. It was not the noxious feeling that I found very appealing but the fact that the noxious feeling kept me from eating nothing else but hot soup. It never occurred to me until three days later when I started to notice how my pimples began disappearing. At first I still could not figure out why my pimples were slowly disappearing but as far as I was concerned what ever was happening simply had a good effect on my skin.

My cold finally went away and I was beginning to feel a whole lot better but still puzzled at the reasons why my face cleared up so well. With out even thinking about it I went right back to doing my old habits again. My daily routines went back to normal and even my eating habits went back to normal. The only difference with this time was when I ate I would eat more then I normally did before I got sick. You could just imagine what I found growing on my face the very next day. Let us just say that my face was not looking that great any more. That was when I finally realized why my acne problem would never go away.

I have learned a lot since then and now my skin looks even better then before. I really had to learn about what types of food I could eat that would not be harmful to my skin. I also needed to know witch acne products really work and witch ones I would need to avoid. Here are a few examples of the type of foods you should avoid.


Example one – I know it can be really hard to stay away from deep fried foods but all your really eating is food soaked in oil. When you intake a whole lot of oily foods the oil from the food seems to find their way to the pores on your face.

Example two – eating a lot of buttery foods like buttered toast or shrimp sauteed in butter can also cause acne. The greasy texture in the butter is what triggers your pimples to show up on your skin.

Example three – if you like eating the fat off of a nice juicy steak or a thick slice of prime rib it is time you think twice before you even attempt to eat another piece of fat. The fat from the meat also produces heavy oils that can cause zits all over your face and body.


The most important topic I am trying say here is to stay away from all greasy and oily foods you love to eat so much. When you consume and eat all those greasy and oily foods out there the oil that you consume has to escape some where and usually it would escape through your pores or your sweat glands. This is why being able to take control of what you eat can help you to get rid of your acne forever.

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