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Acne Flare-Up – Causes and Treatment

Sometimes acne appears initially in the form of small zits, which we cannot easily accept. It is not because they cause us any pain, but we just do not like them because they look ugly.

We feel nervous and annoyed with them. Instead of doing any treatment for them, we almost reflexively use our finger nails to crush them. This results in irritation and inflammation causing unnatural redness and dark spots on the skin.

Situation aggravates further when we feel obsessed with them trying to burst each new and immature zit that appears with unclean finger nails. We are not aware that we are pushing the sebus down into the pores of our skin which not only blocks them, but also causes further infection and aggravates flare up of acne.

Acne flare up can be caused by several other factors besides the compulsive squeezing and crushing the pimples. Some of these are:

Poor digestive system

Sometimes the toxic elements in certain food items do not get properly processed and digested because of our poor digestive system and lack of certain nutrients. These elements are pushed out through our skin and they appear as acne.

Toxic foods

We consume saturated fats through animal products such as meats, and hydrogenated fats through processed foods such as refined sugar, coffee and alcohol, etc. Their decomposition in our digestive system creates bio-chemical toxins in the gastrointestinal-GI– tract. These toxins are then released through the pores of the skin and cause inflammation or acne.


Most oil based cosmetics contain harmful chemicals. They can be particularly harmful for people suffering from acne as their skin already contains high amounts of sebum. Certain cosmetics contain blushers with red tints in them. These red tints cause acne as they are derived from coal tar.


The researchers in Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered that stress aggravates the severity of acne especially in students during the days of examination.


The widespread incidence of acne has caused many therapies and medications to mushroom. It is, therefore, not easy to decide which treatment will work in a particular case of acne.

This leads to trial and error that can prove very expensive and even harmful. For example, if you want to buy a lotion, gel or a cleansing bar, you may have to select from a wide of range of options containing minimum to maximum strength of basic ingredients.

In any case, you must look for benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulphur, resorcinol, alcohol and acetone in any acne treatment product. If you have red and dry skin, you need a low strength treatment because strong ingredients further dry up the skin. The problem arises when the low strength medication does not work. The best course is to gradually increase the potency of the ingredients.

Basic hygiene

You should try to eliminate the bacteria and oil from the skin by washing your face twice a day with non-medical products. Doing it more than twice may harm the skin and doing it less than that will take you nowhere. Use oil free moisturizer thereafter.


Fruits especially oranges and sweet lime; cereals and grains such as bread, oatmeal and rice and low fat dairy products help keep the acne from flaring up. Avoid using too much sugar, salt and alcohol.

Are you suffering from acne? Have your tried every possible treatment and failed? Rest assured you can be completely cured of your acne within two months whatever its nature and severity.

You can start seeing the results in less than 7 days. You will get rid of blackheads, excessive oiliness and redness and most types of scars and acne marks from your face and other parts of the body.

You will get the clear and glowing skin that you have always dreamt and experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of your life.

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