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Acne Scar Removal Solutions

If you are one of the many that are in need of acne scar removal, there are several options to consider.  But, keep in mind, that if your problem is such that you have serious scarring, you may wish to consult with a physician prior to undertaking course of action.  Your doctor is best able advise you on the best acne scar removal procedures for your particular set of circumstances.

Depending on your health and age factors, you make consider a procedure called dermabrasion.   This first type of acne scar removal involves having the top layers of skin removed.  The result of this type of acne scar removal treatment typically leaves with skin that is substantially smoother after a rather short period of recovery.

There is a second method that involves skin removal as well.  Though this one is accomplished through the use of chemicals to accomplish the same purpose as dermabrasion.  By using a chemical peel, the doctor is able to remove the top layer of skin, and with it a good deal of scarring.  After a period of healing you will find that your skin has become much smoother.

The use of lasers is transforming acne scar removal.  Through a method called laser resurfacing, the surgeon uses a high energy light to greatly minimize the acne scars left after years of suffering from acne.

Alternatively, some people prefer to be injected with collagen.  This acne scar removal treatment requires collagen to be injected under the skin to fill in the scarred tissue.  This may seem the least objectionable method to you.

Finally, there is a process called punch grafting.  The punch graft is often used on those patients that have deeply scarred skin.  This procedure is not meant to be used for every case.

As we said at the outset, it is often best to consult with a doctor before proceeding with acne scar removal treatment.  Seeking their advice before hand will help to ensure that you proceed with the best procedure for you.

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