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Acne Scars Could Be a Thing of the Past

For a very long time people have suffered from the unsightly and embarrassing reminders of acne past. The holes, bumps and uneven texture of acne scars have been something people thought they had to live with. Recently, however, some new developments have been made that actually resulted in creams and cleansers that effectively lessen acne scars, and are providing hope for those with acne scars.

One major breakthrough is with an ingredient called Collaxyl. What this is, is a peptide which encourages the skin to repair damage done to it. There was an actual experiment done to a piece of dead skin, where the skin was torn intentionally to simulate skin damage similar to that of acne scars. Then, Collaxyl was applied to the piece of skin and allowed to penetrate for 72 hours. Keep in mind that this experiment was done on Dead skin, not live… After the 72 hours, the skin had dramatically improved the tear. It was as if Collaxyl actually was able to make dead skin heal itself. Now included in one high-end cream designed to treat acne scarring, Collaxyl could become a household name for those who suffer from acne scarring, or any other scar for that matter.

Another important thing that has taken place in the past year about acne scarring is the ability of some products to safely lighten the discoloration often associated with acne scarring. There is typically a dark color or “bruised” look to the skin on the areas afflicted with these acne marks. Until now, dangerous ingredients like kojic acid and hydroquinone were used, but they have links to cancer and are banned in many countries. Recently, one product has pioneered the use of an ingredient called Asafetida, which is the extract of a root plant. When damaged, the root of the Asafetida plant turns white. It was discovered that using an extract of this root in skin care can produce a similar lightening effect that has one of the dangerous side effects of the past treatments for skin discoloration.

There is a third discovery in the industry which could lead to serious improvement in how acne scars are treated topically. This is with the ingredient Resveratrol. Yes, the same resveratrol that has been touted on many TV programs for its amazing anti aging properties. Well, it turns out that an Oxford University study showed that Resveratrol kills acne causing bacteria (to treat acne itself) and also has a really powerful effect on calming the redness and irritation that takes place during an acne breakout. The lessening of the inflammation and redness, as well as the powerful antioxidant effect of the Resveratrol dramatically reduces both the chances of developing acne scars, and the visibility of acne scars that already exist. A major side benefit of treating the skin with Resveratrol is that the skin gets the great anti aging benefits of the ingredient too.. and that is a good thing, no matter how you look at it.

In summary, these three nice developments in the treatment of acne scars is very encouraging to those of us who suffer from them. If you can find a product that contains any of these ingredients, you should definitely give it a try for eliminating existing acne scars, or at least for trying to fend of the formation of any new ones. The time may be now to finally end the suffering that acne scar victims have dealt with since forever. Lets hope a skin care manufacturer takes notice and gives us what we need.

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