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Acne Tips – Mistakes That Can Cause Acne

There are many reasons why people are affected with acne. Most of them are not even aware of the causes and continues with the same habits and products that perpetuate the situation. Let us take a look at some causes of acne and how you can prevent it.


Pollution is one of the major causes of acne. While you cannot do much about the fumes and dust around you, you can make sure that you clean you face thoroughly at the end of the day. Another overlooked cause is the dirt on our hands. We often have the habit of touching our faces with our hands. This is worsen if you have oily skin as the bacteria on your hands is now mixed with the oil on the skin. This can easily lead to pimples and blackheads. If you have acne, it is extremely important to make sure you get rid of dirt and germs on your skin.

Bad Diet

While this is not a direct cause, consuming too much oily and spicy food can stimulate acne condition on your skin. Too much caffeine also weakens your skin cell regeneration and dulls the skin tone. Try to strike a balance by drinking more water and eating more fruits.


This is the reason why teenagers often get acne. However, this hormonal change in puberty is normal and with the use of proper acne products, it will go away after some time. Women are also prone to acne breakouts during menstruations.

Bad Hygiene

Be mindful of your hygiene. Many people often overlook this. For example, dirty pillowcases. You should change your pillowcases as frequently as possible. This applies to towels as well. If you take note of these causes of acne, you will be able to prevent more acne from developing.

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