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Acne Treatment – Is Sunbathing a Cure For Acne?

There is no doubt that acne has a huge impact on people’s lives. Not only can it break someone’s self-esteem, it can also be painful. This is why for centuries people have been looking for treatments to make acne go away. People have also tried to erase the scars left after the acne has subsided. These scars can even be permanent.

Acne sufferers would go all the way to try different products just to treat their zits. Some use a lot of homemade remedies. Others go straight to the doctor for consultation. Some opt for the most expensive treatments. Some stick to more affordable ones. But what most people do not know is that the largest source of light on earth can help aid acne, too! And what’s great about this is that, it’s free!

The Sun and Vitamin D3

The sun was believed to aid people with acne problems. In fact, to get rid of zits, some people would go to tanning salons to fade the acne out. The sun actually has Vitamin D3. According to a study, changes in amounts of Vitamin D3 helps heal wounded skin. Vitamin D3 is a great help in protecting the human skin against infection. It also boosts the overall repair mechanism of the body. If one is short of Vitamin D3, her body’s immune system will deteriorate. The inevitable harm in the body’s system due to the deficiency of Vitamin D3 can be dangerous. That is why it is very important to go out and get sun exposure every once in a while.

Sunbathing may be purely for vanity for some people. Acquiring a tan may be what some people prefer so they would look more beautiful. But not all people know that aside from tanning, controlled sun exposure can do wonders for the skin.

How It Helps the Skin

Wounds produce cathelicidin, which is an antimicrobial peptide. That is required to control the overpopulation of bacteria. Together, Vitamin D and cathelicidin can fight bacteria.

On a skin injury, you can find a type of skin cell called Keratinocytes, these are stimulated by the wound. This occurs for an increase in the production of Vitamin D3, which should enhance efficiency of the genes that can detect microbes. With the help of genes together with Vitamin D3, cathelicidin can be generated. If the human body is deficient of cathelicidin and Vitamin D, infections may happen all the time. Infections can cause worse scarring on the face

Dangers of Excess Sunshine Exposure

As they say, too much of something is bad enough. Excess sunshine exposure will harm anyone, so do not overdo sunbathing. It is important that a person consults the doctor first before going on a sunbathing treatment.

The sun can help the person with their acne problem, but there are no guarantees. The repercussions of having too much sun exposure can be much worse: skin cancer afflicted skin. It can even worsen the acne problem. A damaged top layer of skin means more dead skin cells. This will clog the pores and produce more pimples.

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