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Acne Treatment – Prescription Drug Treatment and Its Side Effects

Roaccutane (also known as Accutane or Isotretinoin) is a derivative of Vitamin A, both bears similar chemical structure.

Its mode of working is suppressing sebum production by significantly reducing sebaceous gland responsible for sebum production. After an average of four months of acne treatment using Roaccutane acne clears.

A patient can stay for years without any recurrence of acne Roaccutane is a synthetic formulation of Vitamin A. Its use as an acne medication raises the levels of fat and triglycerides in the blood stream. These substances are difficult for a human liver to break up.

The liver becomes strained and starts to malfunction. A liver is a vital body organ and it is hard to cure or replace. It is therefore a lethal side effect that should be avoided at any cost. The active ingredients used in making up of Roaccutane cause the weakening of the hair follicles.

This results to a temporary loss of hair. Patient under Roaccutane have enough trouble already trying to fight the trauma caused by acne disfigurement, hair loss worsens the situation even further. Roaccutane halts production of oil skin and causes constant feeling of dryness.

This also causes dandruff and an unpleasant itching feeling.

Though not a live threatening condition it is an unnecessary nuisance. Depression is a very horrifying state of mind. Sadly it has been proven that depression is one of Roaccutane side effect.

Though it is still subject to further research, outcomes based on testing Roaccutane on mice have indicated a passive response akin to that of a depressed human being.

People regularly engaged on sports activity have a real reason to worry if they happen to take Roaccutane as an acne treatment. It reduces physical capability by damaging muscles and joints, causing drowsiness and fatigue. It defies reason why any self respecting person would put up with all the side effects as highlighted above when there are equally effective alternatives available.

There are many natural acne treatments techniques devised to aid the body gradually get rid off acne menace without any adverse effects.

They are preventive, curative and improve the general well being of a human body. Soaps and creams made from medicinal herbs used for cleansing and killing acne causing bacteria are just but examples.

There are `do it yourself’ home remedies for acne that are commonly used to arrest the spread of acne. Use of damp towel soaked in a mixture of boiled water and rosemary, is a good example of a home remedy that cleanses the skin to reduce acne development. Exercises, good diet and enough sleep are simple measures that aids the body in its effort to fight acne While acne will not be cured over night by any of the fore mentioned techniques, they clear acne without any additional problems.

They form among the best acne treatment because of their simple but effective mode of operation.

The right way of using this mode of acne treatment is combining various techniques in order to have a holistic approach towards eradicating acne.

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