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Acne Treatment – The Link Between Acne and Hormones

Are you having problems with hormones and acne? Many people do have problems with this. A recent study confirmed that up to 85% of people do. The majority of acne outbreaks occur during adolescence but some of us even suffer acne into the adult years. There are a lot of factors that contribute to acne but a major part of it is hormones, both can be a pain but there are actions you can take to alleviate the situation.

Hormones deal with the maturation of our oil glands, Acne can occur at different times as we get older and there are things that can make the acne even worse. Often hormones and acne work against us such as during puberty, the use of certain birth control pills, menstruation cycles and stressful time periods.

Acne is not limited to women. Males can also be affected by adult acne. Male acne tend to act up when the oil surplus created by the androgens clog up our hair follicles. This is where the bacteria grow and we then see acne surface.

People can deal with adult acne easily with proper diet and a good skin hygiene regimen. I typically advise people to eat more apples and other foods that have vitamins A and E. Avoid vegetable based oils and avoid acidic foods. People should wash their face twice a day with a mild soap and avoid oil based cosmetics.

While many would agree prevention is the best tactic for dealing with acne there is hope if you currently suffer. See my resource box for information on how to make acne vanish in as little as three days.

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