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Acne Treatment – The Natural Way

Acne is unarguably one of the oldest skin problems, cutting across borders, colors or traditions. Acne is not limited to one culture or race, neither is it more prevalent in one country. The popularity of acne has perhaps, created a ready market for the millions of pharmaceutical companies worldwide, who make a fortune out of our desire to achieve an acne-free skin.

Unfortunately, millions of people worldwide jump from one acne medication to another, without first taking the pains to determine what is the root cause of their acne breakout. The causes of acne varies from one individual to the other, so also, does the severity of the condition. First determining the cause of your acne will help a lot in finding the best medication.

Generally, acne is believed to be caused by hormonal disorders, overactive sebaceous glands, or bacterial infection; resulting in pimples, scars and skin discoloration. Though, in some severe cases of acne, the cause is more difficult to determine, or is a combination of any of these factors. However, this form of acne requires more drastic measures than are discussed here.

Moreover, because of the sensitivity of the skin, it has been shown that using synthetic or chemical based creams, lotions or other products to treat acne will not only result in adverse effects like reddening of the skin, irritation, rashes and dried skin, it can also permanently harm the skin, depending on the constituent of the cream.

Treating acne with natural products have always been the best alternative. Natural acne products don’t just treat the symptoms, they treat the root cause of the condition, resulting in a lasting solution. For instance, some natural acne medications contain vitamins A, B6 and C, along with minerals like Zinc. These vitamins and minerals will not only treat the acne, they also help you achieve a flawless skin.

Other useful herbal acne remedies include, rose hip oil, which clear acne blemishes, especially where excessive sun exposure is involved; facial masks with apple and honey; green tea; Ginger and milk or honey and cinnamon combination are all useful in treating acne. Also, herbs like basil and turmeric have been shown to be effective at treating acne.

However, it is important to say here, that, the market is full of acne products that claim to be 100% natural, promising instant acne relief. It is important that you do you research diligently, be sure what you are ordering is actually a natural acne product and that the constituents are actually effective at treating acne. Acne Ease is one natural acne product that I have tested and trusted.

Real Acne Help provides more information and resources about treating acne naturally.

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