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Acne Treatments – Home Remedies Versus Commercial Ingredients

Hormone imbalance can be a determining factor in the amount you suffer from acne and how sever the outbreak will be. No person is safe from this irritating, embarrassing skin disorder once they come to the age of puberty. Heredity can also be a factor for those with acne as their family members may also suffer from this problem too. Toxins and free radicals in the blood which bring out more dirt and grime from the pores and causing over active production.

Acne is usually mild to moderate and stays on the top layer of skin. The severe acne goes much deeper and heals leaving scars to be a constant reminder. Many have searched to find the right treatment option for their acne symptoms. Some choose the more conventional products found in the stores. Others who are health conscious choose to go a more natural route. The conventional products cost more than natural alternatives and may not be as good.

Three very common and easy to get items from your kitchen can be applied to the acne prone area. These three items are pumpkin, garlic, and orange peels. Each cleans the dirt and oils from the face. The orange peel brings moisture to the skin when used three times a day. The pumpkin is also great for its cleansing abilities and should be used at least twenty minutes every other day. Apply to the face and allow hardening. When removing, rinse with clear, warm water. Dry with a towel but do not rub as this irritates the pores even more. The last of the application trio is the clove of garlic. Cut the end off a section of whole garlic and rub into the are showing the acne.

Combine the proper cleanser with the proper toner and you have a winning team. They both can be made from the beneficial Tea Tree oil. This oil is what is recommended as safe and effective if used moderately on the skin. It will require some court of dilution. For a proper cleanser, add the Tea Tree Oil to unscented anti-bacterial soap. For a refreshing toner, add ten – twenty drops of Tea Tree Oil to eight ounces of witch hazel and apply after washing. Find an aloe Vera lotion with no scent or coloring in it gives you a proper moisturizing cream to apply after the cleansing is complete. Make sure that whatever lotion is chosen, it is light enough to stay out of the pores.

A better diet and exercise are always a good idea for a healthy lifestyle and is also great for controlling acne. Proper rest of eight hours each night combined with eight full glasses of water a day and the skin can flush out the toxins and heal itself as it should. The added sleep will also help to relax the body and relieve some stress. Being healthy and allowing you to let go of those things that make us eager will go a long way in controlling acne outbreaks.

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