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Acne – Why Does it Affect Emotionally?

Acne affects most of the teenagers emotionally. Some of them get so badly affected that they stop making social interactions. They begin hating their face but since they cannot get away from their own face they find themselves in an impossible situation. Every acne specialist advises that acne should not be popped, but almost every teenager pops it. the reason is simple. They want to get away from that ugly spot immediately. Why does acne affect the teenagers so badly?

Was acne an issue in the earlier ages? Is acne an issue in the societies where people still live in primitive conditions? Let us think about that. The desire to look good is inherent in all of us. That is nature’s way of proceeding with the specie. Nature wants that males and females get attracted and produce more of their kind so that the specie survives and grows. The desire to look good is inherited since ages. That is the only way to attract the opposite sex. In modern world the stress on other personality factors is increasing but you will still rarely see a celebrity who does not look good.

We are all attracted towards good things in life. You may be given some food that may be very nourishing but does not smell good. Will you eat that happily? No, because our senses are genetically designed to get attracted towards what pleases them. A beautiful sight pleases the eyes, the ears by a beautiful sound and the nose by beautiful smell. No matter how much we justify the value of things that are not pleasing; we will not get attracted towards them.

That is our reality as an animal. We are all essentially animals and behave the way we have been designed since ages. We cannot change our reactions easily. Our instincts make us behave in a certain way no matter how philosophical we become about that. That is the simple reason why acne affects teenagers so badly. They dislike that instinctively and can not tolerate it.

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