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Bad Acne – The Worst Case

I suffered from bad acne. My skin was covered in cystic nodules, whiteheads and blackheads. Acne covered roughly 30% of my body including my back, chest, neck and face. The body acne was awful and as a result I didn’t own a tank top till I was twenty years old. The face acne and the neck acne was by far the worst. I have memories of talking with people and watching them stare at nodules on my neck. Acne is one of the most embarrassing skin problems you can have and I had the worst case of it. When you have cystic nodule acne the problem seizes to be cosmetic because this type of acne is painful and scarring.

I started going to dermatologists when I was nine years old. I was told I had severe hormonal acne and as I got older and my skin would improve. Four years late my skin had gotten works. When I turned thirteen my acne spread to my body. My body acne did not go away until I was twenty years old. I went to a series of dermatologists and herbal acne spas hoping to find a way to cure my acne. Tens of thousands of dollars later and a plummeted self-esteem I gave up. I was nearing the end of high school and I had never had a boyfriend I wore hoods to cover my face and I was certain I would look this forever.

The following year I went off to college. I had by far the worst skin in my entire dorm apartment complex. I roomed with a girl who had suffered from very bad acne. She said hers was worse than mine. I had never scene anybody with acne worse than mine. She had perfect skin, the kind of skin you see on television during a proactive commercial. I appreciated her sympathy to my obvious problem.

She told me about a drug called Accutane. She said it would clear up my skin in a matter of months. I was extremely skeptical of this drug, considering I had taken tons of them on the market with no luck. I went to the school dermatologist and she gave me a prescription. She warned me of the harsh side effects but assured me my skin would be clear in a matter of months. It seemed to good to be true. I started to take Accutane and within a matter of months my skin was completely clear. I was overjoyed with confidence. I felt like I had been wearing body armor my whole life and I was now free.

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