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Ballerina Green Tea Know The Facts

Green tea is a drink which has been around for ages and comes in various flavours one of which is ballerina green tea. It is renowned for treating numerous medical conditions from headaches to cancer. Green tea is a beverage which is popular with Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and the Middle East. Research has been conducted both in Asia and in the West regarding the benefits of drinking green tea and ballerina green tea.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 1994 published the answers of an epidemiological study, which advised that drinking green tea helps to reduce the risk involved in esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women at least by 60 percent! Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, infection, cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol levels are some of the medical conditions where the goodness of green tea can be experimented on. Ballerina green tea proves to be an invaluable relief to a number of health problems. Catechin polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate is the secret of the popularity of Ballerina green tea.

3 Ballerina Tea Dieter’s drink is made up of natural herbs and is one of the most popular types of Ballerina green teas. A formula within an old Chinese book of medicine is used in the preparation of 3 Ballerina Tea Dieter’s drink. As times has elapsed this drink has proved to be one of the most popular drinks for dieters. The drink consists of malva verticellate or Chinese mallow and Cassia Angustifolia or Senna but no chemical additives or caffeine. This drink is great for your health but before rushing out to buy it, consult with your doctor if it is suitable for you. Ballerina green tea should not be consumed if you are under medication or have diarrhea.

More Ballerina Green Tea Information

The benefits of Ballerina green tea are more profound if you following the instructions carefully. The instructions are very easy and sensible. Start by drinking small quantities initially and than gradually increasing the amount you feel comfortable with. 2-3 minutes should be sufficient for the green tea bag or loose green tea to soak in 2 cups of boiling water. Even so, you can dilute the tea with more water according to your taste. Afterwards, to get a stronger flavour use a single cup of boiling water, after a week has passed. Drinking a cup of Ballerina green tea, hot or cold, in the morning, evening and after meals is healthy, but you should not drink more than three cups of green tea in a day.

3 Ballerina Tea Dieter’s Drink Extra Strength is also considered as a wonderful remedy for weight control and constipation. It is a natural tea popular for its soothing and relaxing effect. This product contains green tea, orange peel, senna leaves, Malva Verticellate and has a natural flavor. It does not contain caffeine or any chemical additives. It is advisable to read the instructions carefully before drinking this beverage. Pregnant and nursing women should not consume this tea. Besides, children or elderly people suffering from any kind of medical condition are also prohibited from drinking this beverage.

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