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Best Natural Remedies For Cystic Acne

Finding the best remedies for cystic acne is important for people dealing with this type of pimple because of the level of pain that is involved. Cystic zits are pimples that have erupted underneath the top layers of the skin and are in many cases inflamed.

Even though there are numerous treatments that can be found for dealing with this type of acne, pinning down the best natural methods can be hard. I will outline a few techniques that have received lots of great feedback from others.

1) Wash your face on a regular basis :

Try to prevent the oils of your skin from being trapped within the skin pores by washing your face on a regular basis with warm water and soap. Soap is designed to remove the extra oil that can build up and seep into the lower levels of the skin where it does not belong.

2) Remove all of your make-up before settling into bed :

Make-up is a big cause of cystic acne because it can block the skin pores and trap skin oils. Also, moisturizers are oily in general and they can play havoc with the delicate balance of natural oil on the skin.

3) Avoid eating junk food :

If you love to stuff your face with delicious chocolate bars and greasy french fries, please tune down on some of these items. Junk food will not only negatively affect your health, your skin will hate you for it. It has been proven that some people develop troublesome acne because of their poor diet.

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