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Blackhead Remover Tools – Are They Safe and Effective?

For as long as people have suffered from acne, the blackhead remover tool of choice has been their fingers – or more accurately their finger nails! Obviously, this is not ideal, because no matter how carefully you wash your hands, you will not remove all of the dirt and bacteria from under your finger nails, which means you significantly increase the risk of creating a nasty skin infection when you pick your blackheads.

If you take nothing else from this article, at least take this one piece of advice – stop using your finger nails to squeeze and pop your blackheads! In recent years a lot of blackhead removal tools have been released onto the market, to supposedly make black head removal safer, and more effective. This article discusses the pros and cons of using these blackhead removers.

The pros of using a blackhead remover tool

  • They are more sterile than your finger nails, because they are normally made from stainless steel.
  • They are very cheap to buy.
  • They do actually remove blackheads.

The cons of using a black head remover tool

  • They do not completely remove the risk of getting a skin infection.
  • They only treat the symptoms, and not the cause of your blackheads.
  • They damage your skin, and often leave scars.
  • They are often very painful to use.

The above is not just my opinion. If you take the time to research blackhead removers on the internet, at websites like Yahoo Answers and YouTube etc., you will find lots of comments like the following:

  • They are very painful to use.
  • They left big scars on my face.
  • They simply did not work.

My Conclusion

My advice is to stop treating the symptoms of your skin problem (ie your blackheads), and start treating the underlying causes. However, treating the causes obviously is not a quick fix, and it is not much good to you if you have got blackheads on your face, and you are getting married next week, or you have got an important job interview tomorrow, or you are on a first date tonight etc …

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