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Can Acne Spread?

One of the most ordinary problems that affect many people is acne. Many people are affected by acne even when they are growing up. It can affect one’s confidence and also spoils the skin. The scars could be bad and might even make one self-conscious. The major question is that whether it is contagious or not?

For any problem or disease to be termed as contagious, there have to be certain bacteria or any other agents which are passed from one individual to the other. For e.g. the ringworm disease is contagious and the fungus is passed on from one person to another. But, acne causes have no such things which can be passed on or could be caught from others and cause this problem to another’s skin.

Due to some hormonal changes, the body produces excess sebum which causes acne. These hormones are the sources of dead skin which forms the gland block and keeps the sebum remain inside. All people have the bacterium that causes the acne to flare up. So, acne cannot be termed as contagious as none of the above mentioned reasons can be passed on from an individual to another.

Acne can be prevented by avoiding stress. Also, the doctor should be consulted with the possibility of acne’s occurrence and prevention during pregnancy or while taking any hormones. AHA’s can be used to keep the upper layer of the skin fresh. Skin should be kept free of oils and dirt by washing the face twice daily.

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