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Chlamydia – Its Effects and Symptoms!

People infected with Chlamydia or Gonorrhea, which is an inflammation of the urethritis (in women) and the tip of the penis (in men) can either be with or without the discharge, (clear discharge for Chlamydia and white discharge for gonorrhea) typically associated with these diseases. This inflammation may also be caused by other things such as Trichomonas vaginalis and as such the urethritis infected with Chlamydia tends to be softer than those infected with gonorrhea, where the infected area is covered with what resembles heat bumps, or rashes. Men not only suffer from inflammation of the penis but also swelling of the testicles accompanied by pain and swelling.

Chlamydia does not leave any external scars, but with the swelling that occurs in both the male and female organs they can result in internal injuries that can leave them sterile. Chlamydia does not have any physical signs externally, except for swelling and redness in the affected area of the urethritis and the penis. That is why it is difficult to tell if a person has contracted Chlamydia. Unlike gonorrhea, which has little bumps that look something like a rash or a set of pimples and it is also red and swollen

Because the infections are more internal than external, women who are pregnant and have the Chlamydia virus can infect their new born babies with this disease during childbirth when the baby is in the passage way. The baby can either develop pneumonia or very serious eye problems and also respiratory disorders. Some men and women also suffer from swelling in the rectum accompanied by pain and bleeding or discharge, which is usually associated with having anal sex. Oral sex is another way that this disease can be transmitted to the eyes, which become very swollen and droopy and this can lead to blindness.

There is not much else to describe how Chlamydia looks like, except that it is red swollen and secretes a while substance that looks like (pus/fungi) and it is very painful to the touch. It makes it very uncomfortable to urinate and is painful for some women during sexual intercourse. If you would like to see some of the photos of what Chlamydia looks like you can go on the internet and type in this question and you will get a couple of internet sites that actually have some pictures, although there are not that many, because there is really not much to see because all the damage is internal.

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