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Classifying Acne – 2 Acne Stages That Define Your Skin’s Condition

When you are about to visit your dermatologist, he or she will classify your acne as being in 2 stages. This helps them and you better understand where your skin is at, and what the best course of treatment will be.

Here are the 2 acne stages that define your skin’s condition.

1) Non-inflammatory acne:- If you’re in this category, your skin isn’t as flared and you will primarily have only whiteheads and blackheads, also commonly known as comedonal acne, because it’s characterized by comedones.

2) Inflammatory acne:- Being in this category, you will be experiencing the full onset of acne, papules or pustules, purple or red macules and nodules, which is often termed as “cysts” or cystic acne. This form of acne is also the most severe and most painful.

Most who end up having both stages, are usually teenagers rather than adults. Adults often tend to only experience inflammatory acne, and that can sometimes be bought on by stress or a poor diet.

Dermatologist will often treat the acne depending on which stage they believe the patient’s skin to be at:-

(i) If your acne is primarily comedonal with whiteheads and blackheads, they may prescribe agents known as retinoids, such as Retin-A,Defferin or even Tazorac to treat them. This prescribed medication is a comedolytic, meaning that it will break up the comedones.

(ii) Possessing inflammatory acne, the more severe form of acne requires a more effective treatment in the form of Benzoyl peroxide, with topical or oral antibiotics.

(iii) If you suffer from a combination of both non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne, then both Benzoyl peroxide and retinoids are used.

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