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Cold Weather Causes Acne Breakouts? And How to Treat It!

If the snow storms, chilling winds, icy roads and freezing cold weren’t enough to put you off winter time then this next statement definitely will! Winter weather can cause acne breakouts. Your probably wondering how winter can have such an effect on your skin, but when you look in detail at the weather, in may become a bit clearer why it has this harsh effect.

How winter causes acne breakouts

We all know acne is caused by clogged pores, so how does winter weather increase the tendency for pores to become clogged? Dry air. This dry air is all around us and causes our skin to conform to its environment, meaning you will have dry skin and therefore dead skin cells with occur more often, and these dead skin cells will clog your pores!

And dry air isn’t the only problem. Chilly cold winds can certainly cause acne outbreaks, which when mixed with clogged pores can become an acne sufferer’s worst nightmare.

What to do about it

First of all, if we look at the causes, then we can target the core of the problem, so go ahead and re-read the paragraph above. You should have found that the main cause of it is dry skin, so how do we combat dry skin? Easy. Purchase a oil-free moisturiser and apply whenever you feel your skin is dry, most people do it morning and evening, but it is different for every person. You should also aim to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove any excess bacteria, oil and dead skin cells to ensure your pores will not become blocked or clogged easily.

When out in the cold, protect your face from the harsh winds, invest in a good scarf to cover your face, not only will this keep your warm, but it will prevent acne outbreaks!

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