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Cracks in the Corner of the Mouth

What is Angular Cheilitis?

Cheilitis is a fairly common skin problem that affects the lip area of the face. It is found at the corner of the mouth at the lip and facial skin junction. It is an inflammatory cut occurring at the corners or sides of mouth. It is marked with red, crusty rashes around your mouth corners. At times, there may be bleeding from these cracks when you open your mouth. In severe cases, pus may form in these cracks. The condition is painful and causes a lot of discomfort. In more advanced cases, the cracks can bleed when the mouth is opened. These open abrasion may subsequently form a crust as they initiate to heal or can become infected. Because of these symptoms and where the problem is located, activities such as eating and speaking can cause significant uneasiness and make the problem worse.

What are the causes of angular cheilitis?

The main cause of Angular Cheilitis has been traced to deficiencies in essential and trace minerals such as Vitamin B2, zinc, and iron. An unhealthy diet can thus explain why the ailment occurs. Cheilitis occurs regularly in the elderly population who experience a loss of vertical dimension due to loss of teeth, thus allowing for over-closure of the mouth. Less serious cases occur when the weather is cold such as in winter season, and is widely known as having chapped lips. This lesser form mostly happens to young children. The child may lick their lips in an attempt to provide a temporary moment of relief, only serving to worsen the condition. One thing is undeniable – this condition is caused by bacteria or fungus. However, study is still on to ascertain whether the cracks happen first and then are inflicted by bacteria or fungi, or whether the cracks itself are caused by fungi or bacteria. People consuming the medication isotretinoin for acne are more at risk to cheilitis caused by fungal or bacterial infections. Angular cheilitis causes are mainly any conditions that cause saliva to build up in the corners of the mouth and give rise to a moisturized environment where bacteria and fungi can dwell.

Who are prone to angular cheilitis?

1. If you are having the habit of licking your chapped lips, this is certainly paving the way for angular cheilitis.

2. If you are having unhealthy diet that lead to deficiencies of vitamin and iron, be careful! You are a likely target for angular cheilitis.

3. People suffering from diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism also fall “prey” to fungus or bacteria attacks.

4. Ill-fitting dentures are also believed to be the cause.

There are other less usual angular cheilitis causes like contact dermatitis or allergies to toothpastes, lipsticks and other cosmetics. In fact, when the lips are dry and irritated, people will initiate to lick them to bring a certain relief from the irritation and without knowing it, they just furnish the fungus or the bacteria the moisturized environment they crave for to inhabit.

If you truly wish to get rid of those crack at the corners of your mouth, then you should check out Angular Cheilitis home remedies. People choose natural medicines made from herbal extracts that furnish guaranteed results. The natural medicine is easy to prepare and what is needed in preparation must be in or around your home.

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