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Curing Acne at the Beach – Saltwater and Acne

The beach may not be the first place you would want to go during an acne eruption. I mean, who would want to go to a place swamped with people when you have that ugly red zit in your face, right? And with all the heat, you would probably think it unwise to expose your skin during these vulnerable times. And so you turn to anti-acne creams and other ointments to heal your skin condition.

But for all of you beach bums out there and those who simply want an alternative way to cure acne, here is one fact that might surprise you. Heading out to the beach may be what you need to cure that skin problem of yours. Saltwater is said to have an ability to kill microorganisms because of its osmotic properties. Immersing your face in saltwater for a couple of minutes or so produces great results. Apart from that, the sand at the beach serves as a great exfoliant on your skin when rubbed gently. It will help remove dead skin cells exposing a newer, smoother and fairer layer of skin.

But before you head outdoors, make sure that it has not been raining for the past week. Rain can bring insecticides and pollution from the land down to the sea making the water more polluted and dangerous for your condition. Otherwise, a sunny day at the beach is the perfect time to head out and take a dip in the cool waters. A 30-minute dip will work and you will see your zits immediately reduce in size and eventually disappear.

So for those of you who have time on your hands and a pimple on your face, now would be the best time to grab the swimming wear and head out to the beach. Take a dip in the cool waters, get in a few strokes for exercise and get your acne to go away at the same time. Curing acne has never been this enjoyable!

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