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Deep Rooted Acne Causes And Effective Treatments

Have you ever stopped to think about what was causing your acne? If you are like most people you just try whatever treatment is recommended to and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, that is when total frustration sets in. The truth is, if you have a better understanding of what causes acne, you have a better chance of treating it effectively.

What causes acne?

Chances are good that this is what you were told. Acne is caused by a combination of blocked pores, oily skin, and bacteria. The thing is they are absolutely right, but these things don’t just happen. Something deep inside your body actually causes them.

Hormonal imbalance combined with toxic build up and genetic tendencies are what causes the symptoms I talked about earlier. That is why treatments will work well for some people and not really work for others. this is why it is important to treat acne from all aspects.

For example, if you just use products that apply directly to the skin, you are only fighting part of the battle. It is important to have good skin care, but if you are not treating the internal causes, the acne will come right back when you stop using the product.

Effective treatments

This is when you will probably get mad at me. To effectively get rid of acne, when all the treatments you have tried did not, it will take effort on your part. Don’t get me wrong, if applying a cream to your face once or twice a day gets rid of your acne, by all means do that. I am all for easy when easy works. But for a lot of people, that will not be the case.

By making changes in your diet, developing the right sleeping patterns, lowering your stress, exercising, and using skin treatments, you will balance out your hormones and expel the toxins that are causing the blocked pores, oily skin, and bacteria. When you have done this, you have gotten rid of the key factors that cause acne and the acne will disappear.

Not only will this approach clear up your acne, but it will give you more energy and have you feeling better than you have felt in a long time. Like I said before you will have to put forth some effort and it will not cure your acne over night, but it will be a long-lasting treatment that makes it impossible for the acne to return.

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