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DIY Mole Removal – Do it Yourself Methods That Really Work

Everybody has moles. Like many people, that didn’t matter to me because I had a couple of them that absolutely tarnished my physical appearance. If anybody ever considered me to be good-looking, they probably had to work past the fact that I had some nasty blemishes on my face and neck. While “inner-beauty” is enough for some people, I knew that the negative impact on my self-confidence had to go. So I had a few options; surgery, freezing, laser, and DIY mole removal.

First I tried surgery.

The first approach I took to having a mole removed was to have a mole surgically removed from my arm. Initially I thought this was the best way to get a mole removed. The job was done quickly with a reputable dermatologist. However, he did make it clear to me that there was a risk of scarring. I figured that the risk was worth it. He made an oval shaped cut to the area and stitched it up. The healing process went smoothly, however I did end up with a scar that will certainly be on my arm for the rest of my life.

This experience drove me to look for other solutions. I was fortunate to have this experience with my arm first before moving to the more obvious areas on my face and neck.

Looking for safe DIY mole removal methods.

As I researched do-it-yourself mole removal methods, most were extremely unsafe; they involved cutting off, and freezing with dry ice. I understood that these ideas were coming from people who didn’t have moles in sensitive areas like the face and neck like mine.

Caution: It is very important that you do not try methods that involve cutting, freezing, or burning a mole yourself.

There are high risks with these methods for excessive bleeding, infection, and scarring. These can completely defeat the purpose of improving your physical appearance. In fact you can make it much worse!

With that in mind, I eventually discovered a guide that showed me how to have the moles on my face and neck gone within a few days using nothing but natural remedies. The process involved applying ingredients like castor oil, apple-cider vinegar, and garlic paste to the affected area on my skin. A miracle unfolded as I discovered that my moles were certainly disappearing within a few days.

Both of my moles were different. One flat on the skin, the other slightly larger and raised above the surface. The guide showed me what I needed to do for each mole, as there are multiple natural remedies that work, even for the most sensitive locations on the body.

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