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Does Chocolate Cause Acne? The Answer Will Shock You

So does chocolate cause acne? It can-but not by ITSELF.

The truth is that chocolate has NEVER been demonstrated to make pimples worse-it’s more your diet as a whole. In fact without sweeteners this bean is actually quite good for you.

In other words, it’s not necessarily the chocolate in that Snickers Bar that gives you the pimples-it’s all the other crap that’s in there.

So what’s the right diet?

Here are 3 tips to help you get clear skin by changing your food choices:

#1) LIMIT your consumption of processed foods

Processed chocolate will give you acne-make no mistake about it.

So I can’t eat ANY processed foods?

Avoiding them is necessary to have clear skin… but every now and then its okay to splurge.

I recommend taking 1 day week your “dieters gone wild’ day where you allow yourself to eat anything and everything you want-but only if you can’t help it.

#2) Try consuming more organic foods

Why is this important? Because the chemicals in non-organic foods can cause pimples when they get inside your body because they DISRUPT your overall system.

And organic foods also have more nutrition-and a well nourished body is not at risk of zits.

#3) Eat MOSTLY fruits and vegetables

This is the FOUNDATION of any good diet–make sure that 70-80% is fruits and vegetables-and again be sure they are organic.

Does meat cause pimples?

There is some confusion on this topic. If you eat too much of it than yes-especially if it’s fatty. Focus on lean and unprocessed meats… “sandwich meats” must be cut out.

So does chocolate cause acne? It plays a small role-but only if it’s been processed and the rest of your diet is pure crap. Just eating more natural food is the most important thing.

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