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Does Junk Food Cause Acne? – Top Six Number 1 Food Sources That Help Cure Acne

It is a proven fact that what you eat has an affect on, not only your overall health, but it has an affect on your outer appearance as well, including your skin. So you ask, “Does eating junk food cause acne?”

It should be noted that “junk” food is not necessarily the cause of acne. However, the benefits of consuming “good” foods can certainly help your skin to be healthy, vibrant, and younger looking.

Here are six “key” food source groups to help promote having healthy, clear skin.

Low-Fat Dairy Products – This is an excellent way to get your vitamin A, which is essential to healthy skin. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin cells.

Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Beans, and Pecans – These delicious treats have high antioxidant contents, and the benefits of eating these foods are good for your total health, including healthy skin. The antioxidants in these foods can protect the skin cells from free radicals (which can cause cancer), and from cell DNA damage (which causes the skin to deteriorate).

Salmon, Walnuts, Canola Oil, Flax Seed, and Soy Milk – These foods are a good source of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, and we must have a good balance of both. These foods are also essential for healthy cell membranes. Healthy cell membranes build barriers to keep things that are harmful to the cell out. These membranes also play an important role in serving as a passageway for the cells to receive needed nutrients, and that same passageway allows waste products to get out of the cells. Healthy cell membrane barriers also hold in water that keep your cells moist and your skin looking plump and young.

Whole-wheat Foods, Turkey, Tuna, and Brazil Nuts – These foods are excellent sources of the mineral selenium, which is good for healthy skin cells and fewer breakouts.

Green Tea – This beverage contains polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory properties, and is very protective to cell membranes. This is a great benefit to overall skin health. Studies show it may also help prevent or reduce skin cancer risks.

Water – The real fountain of youth. Keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of water plays an important role in keeping the skin looking healthy, and also helps to flush out poisons from the body and skin. The human body is made up of 70-80% water. If we do not drink enough, then our cells do not regenerate and remove waste the way they should. This causes poisons and impurities to build up in the cells, which can cause acne, as well as other conditions and even disease.

So you see, here is your answer to the question, “Does junk food cause acne?” Not as long as you don’t over do it and make sure you follow an effective acne facial regimen, and also eat and drink a good, balanced diet to get rid of waste that can cause acne and “bad” skin.

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