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Fast Food and Acne – Why Acne Gets Worse With Fast Food

It’s finally that special day, you look in the mirror and there is a huge zit on the middle of your forehead. You curse yourself for eating that chocolate or pizza. But did that junk food actually make your pimples appear?

There’s an increasing number of research indicating there’s a connection between eating habits and pimples (or acne). However, this is not the view all dermatologists have since more research is needed to confirm the findings.

We know that most teenagers experience acne due to hormonal changes and acne breakouts can extend into the 20s and 30s. More severe cases, like cystic acne, are related to genetics. But apart from that, some people are affected by acne due to some food triggers.

A simple explanation of why we get pimples is that a pore or follicle gets blocked. This happens when our oil glands inside the pores become inflamed. Inflammation occurs when the oil glands produce a surplus of sebum, are irritated by extra dead skin cells, or the pore is plugged, increasing bacteria.

Traditionally skin doctors believed that there was no connection between diet and acne, however, new evidence suggests that some foods and beverages can form or trigger acne.

The link between food and acne began to make sense after several studies that were made indicated that some people were acne prone when ingesting foods high in refined, processed foods. One study done in 2002 found no acne breakouts in 1315 adolescents living in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay. The study conducted in western countries found that most teens part of the study had acne.

High-GI foods

In a Western society, there are some foods that most adolescents eat or ingest such as soft drinks, sugary snacks and white bread.

The evidence suggests that a diet high in refined, processed foods makes perfect conditions for acne breakouts. These high-GI foods increase blood sugar levels quickly causing insulin levels to rise.

Basically, junk food can indirectly generate pimples because the metabolism changes in response to them and boosts insulin.

If you are affected by high insulin levels over time, it can make your skin drier, thicker. This in hand creates flakes and dead skin cells assist in blocking pores. This can also enhance levels of free androgens in men and women, making the skin’s oil glands produce an excess amount of oil and trigger acne.

This particular effect produces a lot more difficulties in adolescence when we are usually more receptive to insulin, however genetics can also make some people more insulin-sensitive.

Proof from a recent review of the links between eating habits and acne, has also caused scientists to suggest that other components of traditional western diets, particularly dairy, may be related to acne. This review of 27 studies found milk and high-GI diets trigger acne in a number of individuals, but evidence is not yet proven for chocolate and saturated fat (ie the ‘bad’ fat found in meat, dairy and numerous processed foods).

Dietary changes

Therefore if you would like to stay away from pimples it’s recommended that you choose harder, nuttier, chewier foods, such as:

whole meal pasta

grainy breads and flours

low-GI basmati rice and brown rice

low-GI fruits like rock melon and apple.

It really is additionally smart to stay away from drinking too much juice, as it heightens sugar levels and insulin. Go for fresh fruit instead.

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