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Get Rid of Acne Scars Using Acne Laser Treatment

Acne scar laser treatment can give you a great change in your life. Acne scars have a huge impact on your life, trying to cover it up with makeup usually does not help and it you spend the majority of your time thinking about it.

A procedure you should stay away from that is being used to treat scars is called dermabrasion. Using a dermabrader the skin is removed by abrasion or otherwise called sanding. As you can imagine, this cosmetic procedure is very painful and will leave the skin looking red and raw. It takes months for the skin to heal. This procedure does not work on deep scars.

Thankfully there are laser skin treatments now that are less painful and let your skin rejuvenate itself faster. Getting rid of scars used to be tough, but there are laser treatments today that do get the job done. The great thing about laser skin treatment is that the doctor has precise control of where to use the lasers. The lasers are used to vaporize your skin’ upper layer, this will heal leaving you with a less noticeable scar or the scar will be gone for good.

When using the laser method to remove acne scars, the surgeon uses a laser that burns away the scarred skin. This sounds more painful than it actually is. Because using a laser does not cause blood loss or skin peeling. Your face will regenerate and new skin cells will be produced where the scar was located. A great advantage about this procedure is that the laser is very accurate, so only the exact scarred part of the face will be worked on.

Surgeons have the option to choose between two types of laser acne scar removal. One is called the Erbium laser. This Erbium laser uses heat to vaporize skin. It is very safe and reliable.

The second type of laser that a surgeon can use is the CO2 laser. This one emits light that is absorbed by skin, this results in removing layers of your skin tissue.

The treatment itself is pretty quick. It takes about fifteen minutes to one hour for the surgeon to finish the procedure. The surgeons who use these laser acne removal procedures are skilled and very precise in handling the laser.

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