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Getting Rid of Acne With Natural Remedies

There are many ways to get rid of acne that may appear rather complex at first. In mild and moderate cases of acne, topical medications are your best bet to eliminate them.

Aside from topical medications, natural remedies for acne are proven to be effective. In the past, sulphur preparations were considered the best remedy for acne. However, it was eventually reported that sulphur-based medications caused increased severity.

The quest for the best acne treatment persisted and the most widely used acne control medications nowadays include salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These two work by eliminating obstructions that produce acne but also appear to be of helpful on a long period unless used with other medications. Given the right ingredients, applications with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or glycolic acid will entirely give good results.

Many skin care experts will recommend preventive measures upon noticing signs of serious acne, and taking care at each phase of treatment to keep them from coming back. These measures involve taking extra care and paying attention to skin and hygiene, and avoiding certain foods. The relation between fat-saturated foods and milk products is yet to be proven, scientifically.

Regular cleansing of the skin with acne with the use of deep-cleansing lotion made of good quality can be beneficial and helpful and effective if used with other acne treatments. Astringents, on the other hand, can remove excess oil, but they also tend to close pores that may lead to acne.

Natural home remedies for acne are plenty and a good home remedy usually means the usage of fruits and vegetables, sometimes combined, with the use of a kitchen blender, or mortar and pestle for acne preparations. The possibilities are endless with natural remedies for acne. You can use orange, apples, vinegar, garlic, even lemon. But of course, careful research when compounding these should be carefully done before applying them onto your skin.

Moreover, there are some natural remedies for acne that are proven effective. One is tea tree oil that is reported to be the best natural remedy for acne. However, it must be remembered that tea tree oil can cause excessive sebum. Therefore, it is better to wash your face after using tea tree oil.

Also, fenugreek, aloe vera gel, and clove oil are proven essential in acne control. But then, these have side effects and it is best that you consult a dermatologist first before using them.

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