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Getting Rid of Stubborn Pimples on the Nose

The nose can be a favorite spot for unsightly blackheads and pimples. For some people, this may be a constant frustration. How do you deal with stubborn acne on the nose that never seems to go away? To answer this, we should first understand its causes and the many treatments that can be used against it.

What Causes Pimples and Blackheads on the Nose?

Acne starts to develop when the pores become clogged by a mixture of excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. Blackheads form when the dead skin cells are exposed, making them black when they come in contact with air. Bigger pimples result as bacteria make its way inside the blockage and multiply inside.

The hormone testosterone plays a big role in causing acne. A sudden increase in testosterone in the body pushes the oil glands into overdrive, making the skin oilier than usual and leading to pimple breakouts. Food that are rich in fats, sugars, and simple carbohydrates have also been pointed out to make the oil glands work overtime. Stress and getting insufficient sleep also show on the skin.

The nose can become especially prone to pimples and blackheads because it is part of the T-zone. This is an area of the face that tends to produce more oil than usual. The nose also gets to be in constant contact with our hands – for example, we touch it unconsciously when we’re thinking or pinch it when we’re disgusted. This makes it easier for bacteria and dirt to find its way to the nose. Pricking or popping pimples on the nose will also make new ones reappear in the same area.

How to Get Rid of Acne on the Nose

There are two general approaches to treating any kind of acne. The first involves treatment at the skin’s surface using anti-acne cleansers, creams and ointments with ingredients like tretinoin, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. While these topical treatments may help clear up clogged pores or kill acne-causing bacteria, these don’t work for more severe forms of acne. A common side effect with topical treatments is that they may lead to stinging, burning, and dry, flaky skin. They also lose their efficacy over time as the skin adapts. More significantly, most topical treatments only work against existing acne and do not do much to prevent new ones from appearing.

A more lasting solution to stubborn pimples and blackheads on the nose is to treat these from within. This means addressing hyperactive oil glands so that acne does not form in the first place. Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is an anti-acne vitamin that treats acne and prevents it from coming back. It works by controlling oil production without completely shutting down the oil glands. Vitamin B5 also breaks down existing oil to make the skin clearer and the pores smaller. For best results, you can use topical acne treatments with vitamin B5 supplements. This is a surefire way to get rid of stubborn acne on the nose in just a few weeks.

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