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Good Acne Remedies

Acne is a bad problem for many people and quite often it seems almost impossible to get rid of them. There are hundreds of over the counter skin care products that promise to help but often none do and sometimes even a doctor will write out a prescription for medicine that is supposed to help with skin problems. Unfortunately, these do not always work either and some people end up spending thousands of dollars on products and medicine that just do not work.

What some people need to know is that spending a lot of money to try and get rid of acne isn’t necessary. There are various home remedies that can help with acne with which many people have success in clearing their skin up. You may not know it, but you have some of these home remedies in your kitchen right now so without further ado, here is a list of home remedies that are said to help get rid of acne:

o Water

Everyone knows the importance of drinking a lot of water every day. Sometimes people think they’re drinking enough water but in reality they’re not. Acne sufferers should start increasing their intake of water.

o Egg whites

Although it sounds gross, making a mask out of egg whites, three to four times a week will really help clear the skin up. Make sure the mask is left on for at least twenty minutes.

o Aspirin mask

Aspirin masks have become rather popular over the last couple of years. Many models claim to use aspirin masks but if you decide to try this, make sure you get the uncoated aspirin. Let a few aspirins dissolve in water and rub it on your face. If the itch bothers you, you can add some moisturizer to it. Leave the aspirin mask on for at least twenty minutes for three or four times a week.

o Garlic

Even if you can’t stand the smell, you may want to try rubbing raw garlic on your face as it is reputedly a very good home remedy for acne.

o Tea tree oil

Many people swear by the wonders of tea tree oil. Pour some in a pot of water and steam your face for at least a half hour. Just be careful not to burn yourself!

o Some other miscellaneous home remedies for acne treatment include lemon juice, fenugreek leaves, primrose oil, orange peels, cucumbers, honey and goldenseal.

Of course none of these remedies will do their job correctly unless you start drinking copious amounts of water every day. It is also important to cut down on greasy foods and sugar and you’ll be very surprised at how clear the skin looks if you can go a few days without eating any unhealthy foods or drinking sugary drinks.

If you do want to try out any home remedies, try not to overdo it. Using one for three or four times a week is enough. Using too much may only make things worse. Try one remedy for two weeks to see if you notice any improvements. Don’t be tempted to waste anymore of your money on products that probably won’t work. You can save thousands in the long run if you stick to a home remedy plan for acne as well as a healthier diet.

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