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Home Mole Removal – Precautions That You Should Take If You Want to Remove Mole At Home

If you have a mole that is troubling you, you can opt for home mole removal. There are solutions that you can use that can get rid of the mole. But you should be sure that the mole is not a pre-cancerous lesion. In many cases, the mole will grow back.

I will share a story with you about home mole removal that you should not try at home. I found a mole on my arm. It was round, red and did not fit the description of any melanoma or other skin cancer that I found as I diagnosed myself on the internet. Instead of buying a mole removal kit to try to rid the mole myself, I decided to cut it out of my skin entirely, being sure to get the surrounding areas. I used cosmetic scissors that I sterilized and also alcohol to sterilize the area. Then I removed the mole. I had a scab that soon fell off and the mole was gone. Fortunately, I did not get infected.

Had I know about home mole removal kits, I would have used one of them. But my anxiety over this mole took over my sense of reason so I opted for a self operation. When I removed the mole, I noticed that the skin under the mole was white and did not appear to have any further damage. Had I seen anything unusual, I would have then seen a doctor. I had no insurance so I wanted to avoid the doctor visit and decided to do this myself.

If a mole is not dangerous and does not have the signs for a typical moles, you can use a home mole removal kit. These kits work similar to the way that wart removal kits work. The slowly shrink the mole using a compound. It actually burns the mole off. However, it cannot be too stressed that if you have a mole that looks like Melanoma, you should see a doctor.

There are four points that doctor uses when looking for possible Melanoma. They are often called the ABCD approach. Here they are:

A – Asymmetrical. If the mole cannot be split into two halves, it raises some suspicion. This does not mean it is cancer, it is just one of he signs that have to be looked for.

B – Borders. Most mole have regular borders. You can see where the mole ends and begins. A mole that has irregular borders again may not be cancer, but you should have it checked out.

C – Color. Melanoma moles are usually a variety of colors. If the mole is all one color, chances are it is just a mole. Or even a freckle. Melanoma moles are usually very dark with colors such as browns, blues and even reds and whites running through them.

D – Dimension. The mole is larger than the end of a pencil eraser. This is another sign that it can be a problem.

In order to diagnose Melanoma, first the mole has to fit al of the ABCD categories. It is then removed by the doctor through a punch biopsy and sent to a lab for pathology testing If caught early, the chance for a full recovery is excellent. I have known several people who have had Melanoma and they are fine. But this skin cancer, although normally slow growing, is one that you will not want to use a home mole removal kit to remove.

Small moles that bother you, do not bleed and are generally just regular moles can be removed from a home mole removal kit. But if you have any suspicions about moles, you should check with your doctor. Melanoma as well as other skin cancers, generally affects older people, although there is a current rise in younger people getting this disease. While a home mole removal kit may work for an ordinary mole that is giving you trouble, if you have suspicions about the mole, you should talk to your doctor. Most people who get this disease get the mole removed and have very little follow up that includes yearly exams.

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