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How Alpha Hydroxyl Can Help in the Treatment of Pearly Penile Papules

Alpha hydroxyl acid, or AHA as it is better known to the public, is a substance which has been used with success in different skin conditions, ranging from discolorations, brown spots or acne. It can be used both at home and in the medical offices, the concentration of active substance being the characteristic which differentiates the professional products from those which can be used at home. Due to its great versatility, this substance has been also used, with great success in other types of skin problems.

Pearly penile papules is one of those conditions which can be treated with AHA. This condition is characteristic only to men and appears in the form of some small, flesh colored bumps located on the head of the penis. It displays major discomfort and in some cases even pain during the sexual activities or in the instances in which the penis is constricted. In addition to these symptoms, the bumps are fairly anesthetic and may seriously affect one's self esteem.

In order to get rid of these papules you should purchase an AHA based cream with a low concentration of the active substance and apply it on the affected area. You should not use more than the amount of necessary substance as you can experience some discoloration, swelling or similar conditions of the skin. Apply only a small quantity and make sure that you only use the cream for the affected area. Otherwise you risk damaging the healthy area on which you applied the AHA cream, which is certainly not what you wanted.

The procedure should be repeated twice a day, until the area is clean. The area may become a little swallowed and the bumps will start to peel off. Yet, make sure you let them fall all by themselves because if you pick at them marks or scars may remain once the area is healed and this is something I am sure you do not want to happen.

AHA is definitely one of those treatments which are worth trying if you want a pearly penile papules remedy which can be done at home, which will not cost you a fortune and will remove the bumps effectively.

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