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How to Avoid Pimples After Brazilian Waxing

Pimples are bad enough on your face, but when they happen “down there” it’s definitely no fun. Pimples are caused by several different factors. The most common happens when built up dead skin cells block pores or hair follicles. This results in the skin’s natural oils becoming clogged beneath the skin and then infected. While pimples can occur whether you wax or not, often waxing will irritate the skin and result in pimples. This article will give you tips on how to avoid breakouts after waxing.

Keep it Clean

Before the Wax

Exfoliate the skin prior to your waxing appointment. Not only will this help the waxing go easier, but by removing dead skin cells ahead of time, you don’t run the risk of having them on the surface when the area is deforested. Plus, you are removing excess oils that could cause clogging.

Directly Following the Wax

Stay clean by using witch hazel, which is an antiseptic, to help keep bacteria at bay. Apply it with a clean cotton ball or square and avoid using your own oily fingers.

2-3 Days After the Wax

As long as you aren’t red or sore, exfoliate again and keep it up at least two-three times a week. Be weary of your sensitive skin and use gentle exfoliates. Look for cleansers with AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) like glycolic acid. It is a natural exfoliate found in sugar cane. For daily cleansing, try acne medicated pads or acne medicated soaps.


Immediately following the waxing, apply ice to the skin. It will help close the pores and reduce inflammation. Wet the area first. You don’t want the ice to stick to the skin!


Use Creams or Moisturizers

These will clog the pores. The only exception is tea-tree oil, which is a natural antiseptic.

Wear Tight Clothing

The skin is sensitive to friction. If you wear tight clothing it will rub against the skin and the irritation can cause breakouts.

Wear Synthetic Material

The area needs to breathe. Stay away from man-made materials and opt for cotton instead.


Avoid exercising for a day or two following waxing. Salty sweat contains bacteria. If you do sweat, clean the area as soon as possible. In a day or two, once the skin has cooled down, exercising is fine. However, if you are prone to breakouts, do what is stated above and avoid tight clothing and clean the area immediately afterwards.

Use a sauna or take a bath

The hot water will open the already stressed pores and introduce dirt and bacteria. That’s why we recommended icing above! Try to turn down the heat on your shower and follow up with ice and antiseptic afterwards.


Avoid deodorants or anything that is heavy with perfume as well as alcohol-based products for at least a day or two after the waxing.

Touch it!

Keep those oily fingers and dirt carrying nails away.

Pop it!

If you do get a pimple, avoid popping it as that will spread bacteria and potentially gain you more pimples! Use an antiseptic on it until it goes away naturally.

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