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How to Feel Good About Yourself When You Have Acne

Why do you want to feel good about yourself?

Looking in the mirror can be a painful thing when troubled by acne. It is so easy to get upset at our outer appearance because it is what we see and present to the world. The tricky thing about acne is that it can get worse by the day without knowledge of how to improve the situation, treat it or stop it from worsening. In addition, looking at our imperfections makes us feel lousy when we do not know how to feel good despite what we we see in the mirror. Underneath your skin is a beautiful goddess, full of shine and radiance that deserves to feel good and live a life of joy. Here are some tips on how to feel good from within and improve your complexion at the same time.

When I started developing acne, my self confidence dropped greatly. I only knew how to relate feeling good with the way I looked so I had to cover up my imperfections daily with concealer and foundation. I wanted to upkeep a certain image and tried not to let anyone know I had acne. My skin rarely had the chance to recover and heal, so it kept getting worse. I was so embarrassed that I did not even dare to make an appointment with the dermatologist because of the fear of what he would think when he saw my skin. I decided to do an experiment where I did not put on any makeup for a whole week to see if I could start feeling good about myself despite my appearance. It was not as bad as I thought and people were not staring at me horrifically as I had expected. I focused on letting my natural beauty and personality shine through instead of hiding behind a mask of make up.

Make the decision to feel good daily

Despite what you see, and how it makes you feel, know that you are in control of your own thoughts and emotions. You can choose to think and feel better about yourself no matter what anyone else says. As the power force of your life, do not expect anyone else to love you if you can not love yourself. Feeling good has to come from within. So do what ever it takes to start feeling better about yourself on a daily basis. If not looking at your reflection will make you feel better then cover up your mirrors. Get a nice manicure, a new hairdo or treat yourself to a day at the spa. These may seem like acts to distract yourself, but in fact, taking your attention away from your current skin situation allows it to improve. Law of attraction states that what you put your attention on multiplies, so lamenting about how bad your skin is can only make the acne worse.

Your life is not determined by the way you look but what you have inside. Appreciate all the gifts, talents and abilities that you bring to the world. There is only one YOU in this universe so start loving and accepting yourself for who you are today. Choose to feel special daily instead of focusing on what you see in the mirror.

Acne Treatment

Invest in a good dermatologist or clinically proven products for acne treatment. Your skin needs the right nourishment to heal and return to its succulent state. Drug store solutions can only help so much while a doctor can assess your skin condition, offer advice and provide the right products that suit your skin. Using the right products together with working on your inner environment to improve the way you feel about yourself will put your skin on the fast track to recovery.

There does not seem to be much improvement ?

Some people face the problem that their acne does not seem to improve despite diligent homework in applying creams or taking medicine. That is because they make the mistake of taking action to improve their skin condition without feeling better from within. As with all outer changes, you actually have to start the transformation from within. Many people think 'I'll feel better when I have better skin' or 'I'll feel better when I am thinner'. This places the condition of feeling good on something needing to change. The inability to accept the way you are in the current moment is what hinders many women with acne problems to return to a state of radiant skin.

Get supported

Family is related to you by blood for the reason that they will give you unconditional love and support no matter what. Rope in your family members to form your first line of support that gives you encouragement through this time. Having a safe avenue to express how you feel and hear positive feedback from them will help you distrust your own thoughts about how ugly you feel and start to believe in how beautiful you really are again.

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