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How to Remove Facial Moles That Are Large or Raised

If you are wondering how to remove facial moles when they are quite large or even raised, well, I can relate. I personally know how it is to have a large raised mole on my face. Make-up does not do enough to cover the facial mole up and if you are like me surgical removal is out because of the cost and possibility of scarring.

In my research on how to remove facial moles I aimed my attention at the large raised mole that was on my right upper lip. The mole was about the size of a pencil eraser, raise like a bump and had hair growing from it (not pretty). It wasn’t always this way, in fact, when I was young it was not a problem at all. There was a time in my life when I would have considered it a beauty mark.

I could have cared less how to remove facial moles back then. However, things changed when I got older and after my pregnancy. I have read research articles that state that a mole can grow due to hormonal changes. If I look back, it was after I reached puberty and headed into my teen years that I began to be self-conscious of my mole.

At the time I didn’t think anything could be done for a mole and went on with life, but then I became pregnant in my mid-twenties and the mole grew again. I became more and more self-conscious about the mole and this is when I started to research how to remove facial moles..

How to Remove Facial Moles – What Causes Moles to Grow in Size?

If you know anything about moles, you may be wondering if I was concerned that my mole was growing in size. Initially I was, however, I had read that hormones can cause a mole to grow or become raised and I also had a complete skin cancer check from a dermatologist about the same time I was looking into how to remove facial moles.

I highly recommend that you have any mole checked by a dermatologist or your medical doctor before following anything you read about how to remove facial moles. A growing mole or a mole that appears when you are an adult could be suspicious. It is not acceptable to try and remove a mole that is suspicious, pre-cancerous, or that contains cancer cells.

A mole on your face forms because specific cells called melanocytes put out a cluster of pigmentation. Normally, this pigment, called melanin, is evenly distributed throughout your skin, but in the case of a mole, the pigment becomes concentrated in one area.

I already mentioned that moles can grow in response to hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause), but it is even more common for moles to grow due to sun exposure. This includes artificial sunlight such as repeated use of a tanning bed.

The sun can wreak havoc on your skin and cause moles to grow. It may also cause moles to change in appearance; this is sometimes referred to as a dysplastic mole.

A dysplastic mole looks abnormal. You may notice that it has uneven borders; has different colors where some of the mole is black, and other areas are tan or pinkish; or the mole may look like its color fades into your skin instead of having a nice clearly defined border.

You should note that these characteristics are also common in some cancerous moles and even though you can have a dysplastic mole without having cancer, it is a good idea to have any mole that concerns you checked by a dermatologist, especially before researching how to remove facial moles.

How to Remove Facial Moles – Methods

So this mole that is on your face is big and ugly and it might even have hairs that grow from it. It needs to go! There are a number of methods that can solve how to remove facial moles but each comes with its own concerns. Therefore, you should consider these points.

1. How to remove facial moles using surgery. Surgical removal can be effective and involves either shaving off the mole, freezing it, or burning it. The procedure is done in a day, but you will need to keep the wound covered for a few weeks to limit scarring.

This brings up a drawback – scarring. You have a greater risk of scarring with any method of removing a mole from your face that is quick. Also, because we are discussing large moles, it can be necessary to close the wound with stitches. This will lead to a scar and basically replace one blemish with another.

The cost is also a consideration. Surgical removal will run you a minimum of $200 per mole and additional lab analysis fees may push the cost of single mole removal up past the $500 mark. I should know, I had a mole surgically removed from my leg before I knew better and even after I negotiated the price down because I was paying out of pocket (my insurance refused to pay because they said it was cosmetic surgery) the price was over $300.

2. How to remove facial moles using laser surgery. Laser surgery will actually cost you more in most situations. However, cost is not even the main concern when looking at how to remove facial moles using lasers. The main concern is that lasers, while effective on the top layer of skin, are not able to penetrate into lower layers of skin. Because we are looking at how to remove facial moles that are large, a laser may not remove the entire mole.

3. How to remove facial moles using castor oil. For a large mole on your face, your best bet is to go with castor oil made into a paste and applied repeatedly.

Castor oil is the preferred non-surgical removal technique because, unlike other natural substances, castor oil has a low molecular mass. This allows castor oil to penetrate deep into lower layers of your skin and this allows you to completely get at a larger mole, right down to the lower layers of deeply pigmented skin.

Castor oil is used for many skin ailments and unlike other home remedies for moles that contain more abrasive acidic ingredients, castor oil will leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy.

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