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How to Treat Really Bad Back Acne

I’m sure you’ve seen many bad acne pictures. We all have. They force us to look away from the screen as they are just so gross! And pimples on your back are often harder to deal with than those on your face. We’ll usually treat a pimple on our face, but back acne often gets out of control, as we simply don’t pay attention to what we don’t see in the mirror – out of sight, out of mind, as it were.

So why do some of us end up with bad acne on back, when the rest of our bodies are as clear as a newborn’s skin? There is no scientific consensus when it comes to this topic, but the most likely theory is that some people have larger glands on their back which excrete oil, and when this blocks the skin, it is the one of the primary back acne causes.

We can categorize back acne into two types. Non Inflammatory acne is usually less visible such as blackheads, and whiteheads. These are less likely to cause back acne scars. The second is a much more critical type of acne. Inflammatory acne can cause glands to flare up, and consists of everything from red pustules, ugly legions and large pimples. They are painful, both to look at, and to have, on your back. They often cause scarring and are a mission to clear.

So how do you fight bad acne on your back?

There are a number of things you can do to treat bad back acne:

1: Shower regularly, ensure that you use a good cleanser on your back. The most you should shower is twice a day, but once should suffice. Overshowering can actually increase back acne. You’re aiming for a balance, not extremely dry, as the glands will work harder, produce even more oil! There are cleansers which work specifically to treat body acne.

2: Use a very soft loofah or cloth when washing areas which often get acne. The last thing we want to do is further irritate the area with something rough or coarse like a brush or hard exfoliators.

3: Apply a treatment cream to the affected area to clear up acne.

4: Apply a moisurizer which is oil free. The aim is to reduce oil on the affected area, without drying it out, which will actually be counterproductive and result in more oil in the medium term.

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