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Intractable Migraines – The Symptoms of the Intractable Migraine Headache

Intractable migraine is a migraine type that has some of the common signs of simple headache in addition of vertigo. Changes in the inner ear are the main factor for this vertigo. It is responsible for your body balance. When this vertigo happens the stand or walk ability is changed.

Simple migraine type is a headache which occurs on of one side of our heads, and it is painful. Aura and visual disturbances may be occurred before this painful headache phase in this simple migraine and many other migraine forms such as intractable and ocular migraine ( it is also named as a vestibular, ocular, painless, eye, visual and silent migraine ).

When intractable migraine sufferers feel its symptoms that the pain ( headache ) is accompanied with this imbalance feeling. It can cause nauseas and vomiting. Intractable migraine patients can not perform any tasks such as driving a car or operating machinery.

Intractable migraine with vertigo is assumed to be caused by genetic factors. There is no change in the brain evident on MRI test ( magnetic resonance imaging test ) that leas a doctor to believe the reasons nature is physical. Many physicians notice hyper excitability in the stem area of the brain. This hyper excitability may cause dizziness.

Many sufferers may be misdiagnosed because they have common vertigo as the headache is not associated with this migraine in all time. This migraine misdiagnosis is presented in older sufferers, and females tend to be diagnosed with this migraine more often than ladies.

The main signs of this headache are seeing spots, flashes and ears ringing. Females experience this migraine more than males with ratio 3:1. intractable headache medications and treatments are no different from other medications of migraine types

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