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Is Shaving Wet Or Shaving Dry the Best Way to Prevent Acne?

Shaving has its problems for those prone to acne. What is the best shaving method? Acne problems can be further complicated by shaving bumps. These shaving bumps officially know as Pseudofolliculitis barbae happen because the hair gets trapped in the follicle.

The trapped hairs becomes bumps which can become infected. The best way to prevent shaving bumps is to learn to shave "properly". Shaving properly will get rid of the existing bumps an prevent the formation of new bumps.

Whether you prefer a wet or dry shave correct technique is important if you want to protect your skin

Warm up the skin before you shave, this dilates the blood vessels and brings blood to the face. The easiest way to warm up is to shave in the shower or straight after the shower if you prefer a dry shave.

It is generally consider better for your skin to shave wet but if you like the convenience of an electric shaver it does not have to be bad for your skin.

The first thing to remember is that not all electric shavers are equal, quality does count. Look for a shaver that has a strong cutting mechanism, pivots to the contours of your skin. and that is easy to clean and maintain. Do not choose on price alone your face may suffer the consequences.

Unless your electric shaver is designed to be used with a lotion, you will need to make sure your skin is really dry before shaving. Some makers of electric shavers also produce a shaving powder but a small amount of baby powder is also good to smooth out your skin for an easier shave. Just do not use too much.

A big mistake is to press the electric shaver hard against your skin, you should just glide it gently over your skin as you pull the skin taught. Do not go over and over the odd stubborn hair grinding the razor into your face. Just pick off the stray with a straight razor.

Just as with a straight razor you will need to clean the blades well and change them regularly. Never try to shave with a blunt shaver or razor.

A wet shave is not always as convenient however most experts consider a wet shave the best method for those with acne. After warming up the area preferably in the shower as previously mentioned, lather up and allow it to sit there for a minute to do it's job.

Shave with the hair in short, slow, diagonal downwards strokes, rinsing the blades between each stroke. Try not to go over the same area multiple times.

Do not press down on the razor, if you are having trouble, getting close enough without going against the direction of the hair you might need a better razor.

When you have finished be sure to rinse of any remaining traces of lather and finally rinse with cold water to tighten up the pores.

There are now electric shaver designed to be used in the shower if you want the benefits of shaving in the shower and like the convenience of an electric shaver.

Wet shaving is generally consider the best method for those with acne however which ever method you choose proper shaving technique can do more to protect your skin and prevent acne and shaving bumps.

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