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Know How You Can Improve Your Sexual Performance

Sexual performance is very important to a man, and he will be very concerned if he is not doing the best to satisfy his partner. Being called a lousy lover is not something that any man will be happy to be called, and this can cause too much depression and stress. At times the cause may be psychological or emotional, but it is hard for men to discuss it or even get treatment. They will opt to take Viagra, or even Viagra substitutes to enhance their performance. However, this is not the best solution as it has its side effects.

There are very many techniques that can be used to increase sexual performance and some of them include:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle entails a lot of things. You need to eat healthy, balanced meals to stay healthy and fit, and you can eat food such as oatmeal, nuts, granola, green vegetables, garlic, ginseng chick peas which are good for improving sexual performance.

Stop smoking as it damages arteries that carry blood to the body organs and also limit alcohol consumption as it reduces the sex hormone, testosterone production which leads to low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Do away with stress and depression because they cause the body to produce cortisol hormone which lowers sexual drive and function.

Taking herbal supplements

Use of herbs can treat some causes of poor sexual performance. Herbs are very safe to use because they contain properties that will not give the body any side effects if taken appropriately hence used as Viagra substitutes. The properties are therapeutic, and they will improve the blood flow to the penis, hence reduce chances of erectile dysfunction, increase the testosterone hormone production and this, in turn, increases your sexual performance.


Exercising is good as it increases sex hormone levels, improve blood flow and lift sexual confidence. Exercises such as lifting weights, squats, bench presses increase the production of testosterone in the body, and they also strengthen the muscles which improve sexual athleticism and better hip flexion.

Kegel exercises are important for men too as they help strengthen the pubococcygeal (PC muscles which in turn cause the erections to be more frequent and stronger. This raises the testosterone levels; the man can control his ejaculation which builds sexual confidence hence it will improve his sexual performances.

Have your partner be involved

Sex is two-way, so each partner has to participate in each step. As a man, you should pay attention to your woman first so that they can respond well during sex. Allow them also to touch you and be in the lead sometimes during sex. Start with foreplay before having sex, take it slow while alternating the pace as this ensures that the woman is well lubricated which in turn improves sexual performance.

Get medical help

One of the reasons you may not be having a good sexual performance is because you have a medical condition. It is important to seek medical attention and be checked so as to be given the correct medication instead of using Viagra substitutes which may not help for a long time. A condition like heart diseases can cause erectile dysfunction, and it requires medical treatment so that you can last longer.

Get a good night's sleep

Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is good for the mind and body too as it helps you relax. Lack of sleep is a libido killer, and this makes one lack good sexual experience.

Have sex more often

Instead of relying on Viagra substitutes, having sex more often will improve your sexual performance. Practice makes perfect and it the long run, you will raise your sexual stamina

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