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Laser Acne Resurfacing – A Painless Method For Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is a common problem during the teenage years. While most of the acne vanish with time, there are some that become scars. To bear the embarrassment of unsightly scars for a lifetime is no easy task. Laser acne resurfacing is one method that ensures promising results in most patients for the treatment of acne scars.

Laser treatment provides the physician a strong and easy control over the depth of penetration inside the skin with laser as compared to other methods. In this method, laser is employed to remove the skin so that a new skin is formed over the affected area. While the procedure may take just a few minutes to operate small areas, it may take even more than an hour for larger areas.

There are many benefits of laser treatments for acne scar removal. Here, scars are removed in a bloodless and rapid fashion with excellent results. Local anesthesia can be used for laser removal of scars in case limited areas have to be treated. On the other hand, for laser resurfacing of full face, intravenous sedation may be used by anesthesiologist. Laser resurfacing treatment is not very much recommended for darker skin as it may cause irregular skin tones in them.

There are two choices of lasers that can be opted for – erbium or YAG laser and CO2 laser. CO2 laser can help to cure uneven pigmentation, smooth out fine lines near eyes or mouth along with acne scar removal. Laser resurfacing treatment is often done in combination with any other cosmetic operation like eyelid surgery or facelift.

Post-operative discomfort is not much in this method. You may however experience swelling or redness after the treatment. Ointments made available by the doctor will certainly help to reduce such immediate effects. Redness after the treatment may get noticed for the initial few weeks. Pinkish coloration of the skin may also be maintained by the skin for a few months.

It may also be possible that a bandage is applied on your skin by the doctor, but this generally depends on the condition of the patient after treatment. In case you may have to wear the bandage, it would probably be for around a week and changed periodically.

It is important to verify the authenticity and experience of the physician who will be operating on you the laser acne resurfacing treatment for scar removal. Though this treatment will undoubtedly enhance your skin and looks, but it is better to have realistic expectations than to grumble later. That is to say, lines that occur due to your face’s natural movements like squinting, smiling, chewing, blinking and talking may reoccur again after the treatment. So, instead of being disappointed later, it is better to know what to expect from the laser treatment today. Source: Simpleacnescarremoval dot com

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