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Miracle Cure to Get Rid of Blackheads

You can pop, pinch and squeeze, but that’s really not going to get rid of blackheads. Sure you might remove one or two of the thousands that plague your nose or chin. If you really want to get rid of blackhead acne for good, you need a strategy that works.

The problem with most over the counter acne products is that they focus on healing acne. That’s great, but blackheads need to be treated a bit differently. What works clearing up a zit won’t necessarily work on getting rid of blackheads.

Blackheads are tougher to treat and they tend not to go away, and if you use extractors your actually making the problem worse. Extractors are the tools that you find in the cosmetic section that claim to pull blackheads out of your skin. While they may provide some temporary relief, the problem is sure to come back, and often times worse.

That’s because blackheads are formed by having clogged pores. When you pinch, squeeze or use an extractor, you do more pore damage. Below the surface of the skin the pores become more clogged, and now you’re possibly causing infection.

Which is why your nose often becomes red, inflamed and may even form a rock hard zit in a day or two. Extracting blackheads on your own is only a temporary solution, but it makes matters worse.

That’s why the miracle cure to get rid of blackheads is not to only get rid of them but to prevent them. By making some slight changes in your behavior you can greatly reduce the number of pores in your skin that become clogged. When you do that, there’s no more blackheads.

By reducing the amount of oily your body naturally produces, extracting blackheads safely and effectively, and making sure you never have clogged pores, you can get rid of blackheads forever.

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