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Natural Acne Scar Removal – The Safe and Inexpensive Way

Facing the mirror in the morning and feeling intense relief at seeing that all those awful red zits are gone forever is a wonderful experience. However, that feeling of happiness may be short-lived upon seeing some scars which acne disorder managed to leave on ones face and body. These unsightly acne scars may actually look like potholes on a paved road, while the more severe scars resemble an open pit mine roughly burrowed for several feet deep. This is why most dermatologists recommend a two process approach to acne treatment and these are medication, or surgery in extreme cases, and acne scar removal.

Any form of skin disorder, especially in the case of acne, when completely treated, leaves a scar on the surface of the skin. Though there are acnes which leave only light marks on the skin after treatment and usually dissipate after a period of time, there are really severe forms of acne that leave nasty scars on the skin which would already require an acne scar removal therapy.

There are a lot of acne scar removal treatments to choose from, each with varying degrees of efficacy. There are natural methods which involve the use of protein found in fruits and vegetables, and there are also synthetic methods that make use of scientific medications or techniques normally performed in doctors’ clinics. The efficacy of these acne scar removal treatments may depend on the body metabolism of the patient.

Some of them may have a higher rate of regenerative chemicals in their bodies which results in faster healing of scars, while others may need a longer time to heal. This is why that before spending a lot of money on synthetic acne scar removal, it is always a good idea to try the natural methods first because it might bring about the desired effects after a period of time.

When scars appear on the surface of the skin, elasticity on the affected area is lost. Since collagen is the main protein of connective tissues which enhances elasticity and strength, increasing the amount of collagen in ones body would greatly help in regenerating damaged tissue and promoting skin growth to remove, or at least, hide the scars.

One can increase collagen in the body by eating plenty of fruits vegetables, and also drinking lots of water. Acne scar removal through natural means is a lengthy process and so the patient must make it a point to eat healthy foods everyday, particularly those that are rich in collagen, like, tomatoes for instance, which helps soften the skin.

Cucumbers also helps in tightening the skin when regularly placed on the affected area for approximately ten minutes.

The other form of acne scar removal is by removing the damaged skin cells through a process called microdermabrasion. Though this synthetic method is a little bit expensive, the patient will almost immediately experience desirable results. Although, if the scars are too deep, it may take several years of acne scar removal treatment using microdermabrasion for the scar to be completely gone.

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