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Natural Cures For Acne – Causes and Remedies

Acne is a very common skin disorder observed mostly among the teenagers and the young generations, age ranging from 13-25. Inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles are main physical causes behind acne. There are many types of acne found, but the most common form appears as dark lesions, blackheads, pimples, cysts. These appear on the temples, cheeks, foreheads, chin, chest and back. If the face gets scarred by acne, it leads to embarrassing situations as well as destroying the beauty of the face.


Can’t spend a day without panipuris? Paobhajis? Samosas? Young generation is crazy after these yummy snacks and other fried chips etc. Wrong eating habits definitely are the root cause of acne. Consuming oil rich fatty foods and too much of sweets leads to the spread of acne. Another cause is the chronic constipation, where the bowel is not cleared off and the toxic wastes gets back into the bloodstream resulting in the acne. Sometimes the liver can’t dispose off the excess androgens in the body and so can lead to the acne in adults. Under nourished skin due to vitamin deficiency sometimes lead to acne.

Natural Cures

Many blood purifying pills, creams, ointments each promising a beautiful and clear skin has flooded the market. Their results may not be always satisfactory as they are all superficial treatments. Natural cures treat the root cause giving long term effects.

1. Washing face with Neem based soap twice a day heals acne, due to antibacterial properties of Neem.

2. Applying honey mask on face softens the skin along with treating acne.

3. Taking foods rich in Vitamins such as A and B like carrot, colored fruits or vitamin supplements are effective in acne treatment

4. Drinking wheat grass juice cures and prevents acne.

5. Application of rosewater and sandalwood powder pack quickly heals acne removing scars.

6. Rubbing raw garlic on the affected part several times a day cures acne.

7. Taking all fruit diet instead of three square meals consisting juicy fresh fruits like apples, pineapples, grapes, pears for a week treats acne effectively. Plain water or sweet lime water must be taken along with it. This diet may be followed often to get the best results.

8. This should be followed by a balanced diet consisting brown rice, sprouted grains, nuts and fresh fruit and vegetables. This altering of diets vitalizes the skin removing acne and scars.

9. Lastly reduced intake of meat, beverages, fizzy drinks, processed foods helps in the cure.

10. Make ups should be avoided as the chemicals may aggravate the condition.

Following the above tips not only cure acne, but also helps in getting a glowing and radiant skin and body that surely draws the crowd’s attention.

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